Train with Tami

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The “Orange Whip Swing Trainer” develops balance and tempo because the user must wait for the momentum to gather. The Orange Whip Trainer’s extra length encourages more patience in the transition to avoid the “quick” swings and the common “over the top” swing fault.


“The Foot Wedge” to help keep your weight on the inner thigh on the backswing.


The “Edge Putting Mirror”. Full view of your eyes, shoulders, shaft, putter face and arms in the Edge Mirror.




The “Impact Ball”. This ball is designed to help you maintain a triangle shape with your arms and chest for greater consistency with your putting and chipping. This also helps to reduce wrist action. 


The “Swing Hitter”. Learn how to set the wrists in your backswing and release the club at impact. 


“Power Fan Swing Trainer” to develop better tempo in your swing.